Dear Fellow Americans Abroad and their Family & Friends in the U.S.:

Are you from: Texas, Pennsylvania,Georgia, Ohio, Iowa, Kansas, Wyoming, Louisiana, Idaho, Nevada, South Carolina,North Carolina, South Dakota or Utah?

Between June 26-29, I travelled to Washington DC.  In 4 days, I had over three dozen meetings with senior staffers ofthe members of the Senate Finance Committee and House Ways & Meanscommittee. 

There is great sympathy for our cause and I am convincedthat if we play our cards right, American small business owners abroad willhave a very happy Christmas this year.

What can YOU DO TODAY to help if you are from theabove states? 

 If you are an American abroad from one of these states, send one email to your Senator listed below. He is on theSenate Finance Committee, which determines our fate.   The email is important. If you have a closefamily member or friend living in these states, that person’s voice is vital, even more so than yours - sad but true!! Getthat person to send an email and pick up a phone and call the senator's local office!!  In any email or call, request a response as to what the senator intends to do. 

Thanks, Monte

State       Senator              Send email to                                           Phone

Texas      Sen. Cornyn     202-224-2934

Pennsylvania Sen. Toomey 202-224-4254

Georgia  Sen. Isakson    202-224-3643

Ohio       Sen. Portman   202-224-3353

Iowa       Sen. Grassley            202-224-3744

Kansas    Sen. Roberts  202-224-4774

Wyoming Sen. Enzi                   202-224-3424

Louisiana  Sen. Cassidy               202-224-5824

Idaho       Sen. Crapo                202-224-6142

Nevada    Sen. Heller        202-224-6244

S. Carolina  Sen. Scott                202-224-6121

N. Carolina Sen. Burr              202-224-3154

S. Dakota   Sen. Thune               202-224-2321  

Utah           Sen. Hatch                 202-224-5251

Copy and paste the email addresses into an email.  Sent an email once every two weeks! YES, every two weeks!         

To see who these people are, see Step 3 below.                                                    

Copy and paste "To":

STEP 2: Copy the text of the email and send.  This version is for those living in the US.                  

(Americans living abroad from these states should use the version in blue, below)

For Americans actually living in one of the states above

Copy & paste email subject: Exempt Americans abroad from the draconian Repatriation & GILTI taxes. 

Copy and paste the following text, fill in the blanks, then email it:

Dear Senator __________:

My name is ____________. I live in ___________ (city and state).  I vote in _________(state where you vote).   (IF YOU HAVE OR HAD ANY DIRECT CONTACT WITH THE SENATOR OR HIS STAFF IN THE PAST, DESCRIBE HERE). 

I am writing to seek your help with regard to the pain and anguish that a close relative of mine living abroad is experiencing as a result of Transition and GILTI Taxes that were past as part of the 2017 tax reform. 

My relative runs a very small business outside the United States.  The business has no connection to the U.S. besides the fact that it was founded by a U.S. citizen. I understand that these laws were aimed at huge multinational companies such as Google and Apple who for years had been hoarding trillions of dollars abroad.  It seems that through some mistake in the process, my relative and hundreds of thousands of small business owners abroad somehow got caught up in this mess.  Not only that, but it seems as though this small business will in fact pay much more than Google and Apple, again, due to the unintended way the law was drafted (up to 37% GILTI tax for the individual while Google pays 0% in most cases).

In addition, I am told that these taxes are so complex that the only way to comply with them is to spend huge amounts of money on large international accounting firms - something which is not reasonable.  This will lead to one of two results: my relative closing the business or becoming a non-compliant taxpayer.   It is for this reason that on June 4, 2018 the U.S. Treasury intervened and granted my relative and many others temporary relief. See Q& A 16 at

I strongly request that the Senate Finance Committee act responsibly as Treasury has and correct this most painful, unintended and unjust problem.  I would appreciate hearing back from you in writing as to the plans the committee has to address this situation. 


Name and address


STEP 2for Americans living abroad voting in these states 

Copy & paste email subject:  Exempt Americans abroad from the draconian Repatriation & GILTI taxes. 

Copy and paste the following text, fill in the blanks, email it:

Dear Senator __________:

My name is _______________. I am an American living in ______________(country).  I vote in ___________ (state).  I am writing about a matter of paramount importance to me that will impact how I vote in November!

As you are probably aware, the Repatriation Tax and GILTI Tax regimes which were intended for corporate multinationals like Google and Apple have and will continue to have a devastating impact on individual American small business owners living abroad.    

We were told by many in Congress and the Treasury that we were an unintended target of these new laws. This must be true. Otherwise, how could it be explained that: (i) I pay a Repatriation tax higher than Google and Apple?  or (ii) these multinationals will in most cases pay ZERO GILTI tax while I will pay tax of 37%? or (iii) these corporate giants enjoy tax credits and deductions under the GILTI regime which I do not, or (iv) my small-business counterpart based in the United States would never ever be subject to such draconian taxes or complicated compliance.

On a practical level, while Google and Apple had and continue to have access to dedicated teams of expert tax specialists working to minimize their taxes, the small expat firm I retain to do my US taxes is simply unable to grasp, let alone assist me in complying with these sophisticated laws. 

On a policy level, as applied to individual Americans overseas these laws are simply wrong.  They will either force me out of business or turn me into a non-compliant taxpayer.  This is bad tax policy, which is why on June 4, 2018 Treasury has intervened twice and granted us temporary relief.   See Q&A 16 at

The lives of hundreds of thousands of Americans abroad are in the hands of the Senate Finance Committee. I request that the committee act responsibly as Treasury has and correct this most painful, unintended and unjust problem.